The JHU Sirens



Emily is a sophomore Writing Seminars major from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Although she enjoys sarcasm immensely, Emily claims that most of the time, people don't catch on to hers! (That's okay, Emily, we understand you.) This beautiful redhead loves dried mangos, Cap'n Crunch, and the smell of books. She also loves Harry Potter, Zadie Smith and F. Scott Fitzgerald (to name a few)! If you're wondering what her type is, she answer with, "Tristan Thorn is pretty much perfect." If you don't like Finding Nemo, then you can't sit with us. Emily can basically quote the whole thing!

Claudia is a sophomore from Des Moines who is studying Viola Performance at the Peabody Conservatory.  Some of Claudia’s favorite pastimes include eating Rice Krispies, catching food in her mouth as people throw it at her, or frolicking around exuding happiness (which she does often). Claudia doesn’t wear a wig, but if she did, it would definitely be made of your mom’s chest hair. Best of all, when Claudia thinks of the word “siren,” a bunch of flawless ladies come to mind! That’s right, boys, we’re flawless.

O’Reilly is a sophomore hailing from New Windsor, Maryland. She’s studying International Studies and Cognitive Science, and we’re so excited to have her in the Sirens! O’Reilly (also known as Reilly, O, Ri, Reils, Ri-Ri, or Riers) loves fruit, giraffes, and the smell of fresh laundry. Her favorite cereal is King Vitaman, and she can play classical piano! O’Reilly is pretty practical – if she were ever stuck on a desert island, she would bring food, gas, and a motorboat!

Here are a few of the names this lovely lady goes by: Ana, Staz, Fooster, Foofie, FooFoo, and Princess Weasel Worm (she used to wiggle around a lot as a baby). You can also just call her Anastasia, though! This sophomore Public Health major (she's also pre-med) from New York City rates herself at a whopping 15/10 on the Sassfactor Scale. She loves the Little Mermaid and Anna Karenina (the book, not the movie), ad her favorite snack is carrots. If Anastasia were ever to be stuck on a desert island, the three things she would bring would be a big comfy bed, a tall well-sculpted man who preferably also has a brain, and a magical veggie garden. That doesn't sound half-bad! When Anastasia thinks of the word "siren," she thinks of a sexy woman with shells on her boobs who sings to men and then eats them. 

Meet the stunning Jenny Wagner, hailing from Ft. Meade, Maryland. She is a sophomore Computer Science major who is very excited to be a part of the ~~sassy JHU Sirens. She loves the tasteful (boys: take note) smell of men’s cologne, so it would make sense that her celebrity crush is the embodiment of all that is tasteful and classy – Justin Timberlake. Jenny’s favorite movie is the classic “Forrest Gump.” Her preferred icecream is Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy, and her preferred crayon is Wild Strawberry (if only a crayon could be eaten and she could enjoy the two as a delicious combination!).

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