The JHU Sirens



Every day, after eating her daily bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats, Lara settles herself down on her couch and watches her favorite movie Good Will Hunting. Just kidding, this Behavioral Bio student keeps herself super busy. (She’s also a French minor – elle parle très bien.) Lara is a senior from San Francisco, where her family keeps pet ducks! Finally, if Lara walked into Slughorn’s Potions classroom while Amortentia was brewing, she would (like Hermione) smell fresh cut grass.

Jordan is a beautiful senior from Charlotte, North Carolina. Also known as J-Gray and Jordie, this Psychology major and music minor was most definitely a polar bear in a former life. Once, she had a traumatic experience in which Fruity Pebbles almost killed her (true story), so now she sticks to the breakfast classic Cheerios. Jordan loves Ryan Reynolds and Sofia Vergara, because both are undeniably hot and hysterical. Although she describes herself as “not very funny in general” she always appreciates a good Mean Girls reference – especially one involving Glen Coco.

Our group’s resident mom (she loves to cook for people), Katie is a senior from Pittsburgh majoring in Public Health and minoring in English and Spanish. If you can’t find Katie, she’s probably on a run somewhere. In fact, running shoes are one of the three things she would bring to a desert island! The other two would be a KitchenAid and Jimmy Fallon. Katie does great impersonations, which always keep practice interesting, and she would give herself an 8/10 on the Sassfactor Scale.

Here at Hopkins, we all have usernames that use some of the letters from our first and last names. This is usually pretty helpful, but can occasionally cause some confusion. One example: the fact that an email addressed to “Mr. Paul Valder” ended up in this lovely lady’s inbox! Paulina (whom we now usually call Paul) is a senior Pyschology major and a Spanish for the Professions Minor from Omaha, Nebraska. On the Sassfactor Scale, Paulina definitely earns an 11 for her unparalleled wit and feistiness. She is proud to endorse Cocoa Puffs and Cap’n Crunch (Berries or Peanut Butter, not original), as well as the Harry Potter series. Why is her hair so big, you ask? Obviously, it’s full of secrets.

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