The JHU Sirens



Do you like challah, matzo ball soup, and Korean chicken? Then you should probably befriend Madi, a junior Mechanical Engineering major from Brentwood, Tennessee. Our resident Jasian (Jewish Asian) also goes by Mabel, Madson, Maybelline, and Madibo (a play on the popular Baltimore beer Natty Boh). Madi loves the movie How to Train Your Dragon, banana chips, and her adorable dog Tessa. A truly loyal friend, Madi’s favorite ice cream flavor will always and forever be mint chocolate chip. Fun fact: Madi’s dad dated Emma Stone’s mom in high school! (Emma Stone has yet to show up to one of our concerts – it’s quite rude of her.)

“<sarcasm>I’m not sarcastic at ALL.</sarcasm>”

Cori/Bata/Michibuttbutt/Baby Butt Michi/Corks is a junior from Princeton, NJ. She is a Spanish major with a double minor in Spanish for the Professions and Music. That keeps Cori pretty busy, but in her free time she enjoys plotting ways to become best friends with 5SOS. She loves penguins and her pet kitty named “Momo” (the winged lemur from Avatar the Last Airbender). Cori would bring 5 Seconds of Summer, All Time Low, and One Direction to a desert island so she could have them all to herself (and none for Gretchen Weiner…BYE). In alphabetical order, her favorite celebrities are Jack Barakat, Michael Clifford, Alex Gaskarth, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Niall Horan, and Harry Styles. She loves the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson book series. Cori is a pretty talented fangirl.

Have you ever met anyone who can recite the entire Gretchen Wieners bathroom monologue on demand? If not, you haven’t spent enough time with this New Yorker! Cara is a junior Public Health major and Psych minor whose favorite crayon color is Caribbean Green. She’s never made out with a hot dog, but Cara loves bacon, pretzels, and mint chip ice cream! If Cara could bring three things to a desert island, they would be: an American Ninja Warrior (for entertainment and survival purposes), cheese (duh), and wine (because who needs water?). And yes, she is dressed as a lemon in that picture.

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