The JHU Sirens


"You can't just ask someone why they're white!"

Katherine Gross is a freshmen majoring in History and International Studies, with an English minor. She is an avid "Cumberbitch" hailing from Boston, Massachusetts. Those with the privilege of being friends with Katherine can call her KG, Katy G, or Kathy-poo. Though she doesn’t have any pets, she has a little brother (and that definitely counts). When Katherine thinks of Sirens, she thinks of the creature from Greek mythology that lures unsuspecting sailors to their deaths (girl power amirite #FEMINISM) – but when Sirens think of KG, we’re probably imagining all the desserts she could make us with her excellent baking skills.

"Four for you, Glen Coco! You go Glen Coco!"

If you asked freshmen Isabella Zellerbach to rate her sarcasm from 1-10, she’d be at a solid 11 on the Stiles Stilinski scale (for the unenlightened, this is a character on the show “Teen Wolf,” portrayed by Izzy’s celebrity crush DYLAN O’BRIAN). Cinderbella is a Writing Seminars major hailing from Long Beach, California. She has two dogs – a mini poodle and a golden retriever, but her favorite animal at the zoo is definitely a tiger. When she’s not off being a BAMF writer, you’ll probably find Bella (definitely not from Twilight) out to dinner with her friends, or just sitting in the hallways hanging out.

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